Video Surveillance Laws In Texas

You will find different audio recording and video surveillance laws depending on which state you live in. In Texas, Federal laws isn’t very strict and gives room for your discretion when the environment being recorded is in either the work place or in public.

Video Surveillance Laws In Texas

Note: If you have a question regarding a specific situation dealing with surveillance or recording devices you must consult with an attorney.

As a general rule, places where its reasonable for a guest, workers or house members to expect privacy, you’ll want to not have any type of recording device present. These locations consist of the following :

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Changing Rooms
  • Any place where someone would take off their clothes.

Using video for home security purposes has its own boundaries. If you’d like to learn more information about that call Austin Home Alarm Guys.

More Basic Surveillance And Recording Rules

Anywhere outside of these designated areas results in some what of a grey area. Usually, if you are only recording video (no audio) then it isn’t necessary to give notice. Any audio recording, depending on the location, must be given consent.

If You Are Monitoring in the Workplace or Business Location

Cameras in the restaurant
To avoid any backlash it is important to let your employees know and get receive a written consent form from them stating their understanding.

You can also place a surveillance notice on the door for your customers. Letting people know that they are subject to video monitoring is always a good idea.

Never attempt to video record areas where your staff and workers expect complete privacy. Also, to avoid defamation and privacy violations, you want to make sure that no unauthorized person looks at or has access to any form of video and audio recording.

Reminder : It is best to discuss your situations with CC lawyer who is capable of providing proper evaluation.

Texas Laws For Recording Inside the House

Both men and women have the right to privacy inside of their own household. Secret recordings of a family member (husband or wife) who is under the impression that they are in a complete state of privacy can lead to a violation and ultimately being prosecuted. Read more about the wiretap act here.

Texas Laws On Video Surveillance

To save your butt, make sure you always have those being monitored and recorded in the know. Any improper use of video surveillance will most likely end up with an invasion of privacy lawsuit on your hands.

All information provided in this article is from my research and personal experience from those closest to me. This information is more so created to get you aware of the repercussions and get you to contact a local CC lawyer if you are using video and audio recording. This information should not be labeled as legal advise, guidance or opinion.