Texas Laws On Video Taping Cops

Police brutality has been at an all time high and it seems as though its not getting better any time soon. To hold the police officer accountable, officers of the law must ride around with dash cams and body cameras depending on what state they are in. This however hasn’t stopped the wrongful violence against the civilians of the community. Click here for more  information on Video Surveillance laws in Texas.

Cop Violence in Texas?

People claim that the reasons are improper training, systemic racial misconceptions, or completely incidental. But there are many situations where racial profiling is surely the case.

Police officers only having access to the recordings of the situation has been seen as giving too much power to the police department. If you’d like to see these recordings you have to pay a fee. This has led to the members of the community attempting to take power back in their own hands and record police interactions with their own devices. Many people are now starting to lookup their states law on recording cops.

All information provided should be taken as legal advise and you should seek counsel from a licensed attorney before you make any decisions.

Is it illegal to record police officers in Texas?

If you are in a public place it is legal to use your own devices to record or photograph interactions you witness with the police. Make sure that you keep your distance and do not attempt to interfere with any altercation taking place. Without a warrant the officer can not collect your devices or attempt to modify your recordings and photos.  answer to this is recording devices in the car that. You may also purchase your own camera to be installed in your car. These Dash Car Cameras to use on police turn on when its triggered by the lights of a patrol unit.